Safety First

Dust Control, Its the Law!

While you can't await the refreshing  of your new living space, there remains a great challenge during the renovations in your home. Dust control. OSHA, an organization that provides control over safety of the construction industry has been fighting very hard to ensure the safety of all workers and occupants in construction. Silica dust exposure is a challenge that can be overcome! Our company uses dust control measures. A Heppa 500 Air Scrubber. These machines take in particles in the air as well as bad gasses and emit clean air. We also vent air towards the outside to eliminate as much dust as possible in your home. 

Silica Dust Exposures

  • Tile Ceramic/Porcelain/Cement Tile
  • Cement Boards
  • Cutting into Foundation 
  • Tile Mortar/Thinset Mixing
  • Grout Mixing
  • Sand Topping

Watch the video for more information about the Heppa 500 Air Scrubber.